This activity was carried out to prepare these food handlers so that the food and drink they put out for public consumption would be disease-free. Before the mass orientation programme, the school feeding programme operators were invited to the Assembly Hall for a separate orientation programme. About 60 operators attended the said orientation.
The following were the key topics treated:
• Food/water storage (cooked and uncooked)
• Hand washing
• Vendors’ personal hygiene
• Environmental hygiene at points of preparation and sale of food
• Waste management
• Balanced diet among others that came out during the interactions.
The mass sensitization and orientation programme for all food and drink handlers begun from 9th – 17th February, 2021 in the various Zonal Councils areas. In all about One Thousand One Hundred and Sixty-Six food and drink vendors were reached. The locations were, Ayensudo Zonal Council Hall, Kissi Zonal Council Hall, Komenda Zonal Council Hall, Ntranoa Zonal Council Hall, Agona Community Centre and KEEA Municipal Assembly Hall Elmina.

The Vendors appealed for regular orientations as happened and recommended for more of it since it was beneficial to them.