The Human Resource Management Department is one of the Komenda-Edina-Eguafo-Abrem Municipal Assembly.
The department, as indicated by its name, is responsible for all the human resource needs of the Municipal Assembly which includes, but not limited to,
1. Learning, Training and Development of staff
2. Performance Management
3. Compensation Management
4. Promotions, Upgrading, Conversions
5. Human Resource Planning
6. Leave Management
7. Guidance and Counselling
8. Career Advisory Services
9. Grievance Redress and Discipline
10. SSNIT and Gratuities Processing
11. Reporting, etc…
The Department is one of the latest additions to the structure and function of the Local Government Service. Established only in 2012, through the help and support of the European Union, the Human Resource Department, (Soon to be made a department as per the new Local Governance Act 2016, Act 936) has become a formidable, functional and integral part of the new local government system in Ghana with a dedicated unit to attend to the human resource needs of the various Assemblies, of which KEEA is part.
The Department is managed by three(3) staff. (3 Females)
Our doors are always open to all our staff and all the other stakeholders of the Assembly such as the Assemblymen and women, non-decentralized institutions and the general public. You are encouraged to contact the HR Department for all your Human Resource enquiries because we are glad to receive you and serve you.
Thank you.
From the HR team!