To become a model and resourceful Directorate that will equip all children of school-going age with requisite knowledge, skills, attitudes and values needed to become functional in the society in which they find themselves.



The Directorate exists to provide and ensure quality educational delivery to all children of school-going age in the Municipality.






  1. Human Resource Management (Personnel/Manpower)
  2. Material Resource Management (Supplies, Equipment, Repairs, School Plans etc.)
  3. Finance and budgeting
  4. Planning and Management of Schools and the District Office
  5. Training Programmes
  6. Monitoring and Supervision of teaching and learning (including Guidance and Counselling)



  1. Work-coordination and representation at the District level. It is responsible for school inspection, supervision, evaluation, student/pupil welfare, financial administration and in-service training at the District level.  It also ensures that effective teaching and learning takes place.
  2. Advising the District Chief Executive/District Assembly on all educational matters.
  3. Management and Supervision of personnel and all schools (both public and private), namely; Basic, Senior High Schools, Vocational and Technical Institutions within the District in accordance with current practice and any directives which may be issued from time to time.
  4. Collection and submission of accurate data and statistics on all schools both public and private, for the purposes of planning, budgeting, monitoring and evaluation at the district, regional and national levels.
  5. Effective financial management
  6. Preparation and submission of quarterly and annual reports on all educational activities in the district according to guidelines issued by the GES Council and the Ministry of Education to the Director-General.
  7. Preparation of annual budgets for the district in accordance with the current Accounting Framework and submission of same to the Director-General through the Regional Director.
  8. Any other duties that may be assigned from time to time, by the Regional Director or by the Director-General





The KEEA Municipal Education Directorate, which was formally al District Directorate covers four (4) traditional areas namely; Komenda, Edina, Eguafo and Abrem.

It was carved out of the Cape Coast Municipal Education Directorate (now Metropolitan) at the be beginning of the 1985/86 academic year.

Initially, the office of the Education Directorate was located at St. George’s Castle but was later by the ejection order of the Ghana Museum and Monument Board relocated to it current site in 1992.

The Directorate has eight (8) designated circuits – Agona, Ayensudo, Dominase, Elmina, Essaman, Kissi, Komenda and Ntranoa.



The Directorate is headed by a Director who is supported by four (4) Deputy Directors responsible for:

  1. Human Resource Management and Development
  2. Finance and Administration
  3. Supervision and Monitoring
  4. Planning and Statistics


Since its Establishment, the Directorate has been headed by the following Directors so far:

1. Mr. S. E. Woode 1985-1987
2. Mr. M. D. K. Yaadar 1997-1991
3. Mrs. Alberta Gloria Offei 1991-1995
4. Mrs. Cecilia Agnes Gaisie 1995-2001
5. Mrs. Kate Amartey 2003-2006
6. Ms. Rosemond Comfort Abrah 2006-2009
7. Mr. Gabriel  Kwabla Gademor 2010-2014
8. Dr. Abaidoo Adentwi Edzii 2014-2018
9. Ms. Cecilia Aboagye September, 2019 – Date



 The KEEA Municipal Education has the following number of schools, teachers population and students enrolment from Public and Private Basic and Senior High Schools:

S/N School Level No. of Schools Teachers Enrolment
    Public Private Public Private Public Private
1. Kindergarten Schools 73 75 214 154 5416 2989
2. Primary Schools 74 73 555 314 21061 7174
3. Junior High Schools 71 42 611 180 9875 2112
4. Senior High Schools 3 2 320 24 7243 139

NB:     These figures provided are current and in respect of the 2020/2021 academic year.  



The performance of the Directorate is measured by Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as

the following:



Gross Enrolment Rate (GER):

KG                  –           101.3%

Primary            –           118.5%

JHS                 –             96.1%

SHS                 –             67.8%


Net Admission Rate (NAR):

KG                  –           46.8%

Primary            –           65.8%

JHS                 –           42.2%

SHS                 –           10.5%


Net Enrolment Rate (NER):

KG                  –              65%

Primary            –              96%

JHS                 –              55%

SHS                 –           34.8%


Gender Parity Index ((GPI):

KG                  –           0.97%

Primary            –           0.95%

JHS                 –           0.96%


Retention Rate:

KG                  –           99%

Primary            –           99%

JHS                 –           99%

SHS                 –           99%



YEAR:                       %

2016                –           59.1%

2017                –           56.8%             

2018                –           49.8%

2019                –           59.4%

2020                –           64.91%



Over the years, the Directorate have been receiving various supports and key interventions for improvement and development toward quality Educational delivery.  Some of these supports are provided by: UNICEF, USAID, UNFDP, UNCHR,

Locally, the KEEA Municipal Assembly has been the backbone to the Directorate in terms of mock examinations, furniture supplies, infrastructure (buildings) and occasional fuel support for monitoring & supervision of schools and also allowing the use of the Assembly Hall facility free for all Educational programmes.

Further, are the NGOs: Sabre Trust, Connecting Kids which are interested and concern about Educational delivery in the Municipality.


NB:     It is to be noted that even though the Municipality has one (1) Tertiary Institution, Komenda College of Education at Komenda, it is currently not directly overseen by the Education Directorate, as the school is now an autonomous establishment.