In accordance with the Marriage Act, 1884-1985.CAP.127, any individual or couple who intends to get married in the KEEA Municipal Assembly is required to give notice to the Marriage Registrar in the District which in this case is the Municipal Co-ordinating Director, where the marriage is going to take place. The Registrar of marriage will then publish the Notice of marriage and will issue a Registrar Certificate after Twenty-One (21) days mandatory period as demanded by law. The registrar is required to issue the Registrar Certificate only if no objection is raised to the marriage.


The marriage certificate is then presented to a Licensed Marriage Officer after which the couple must get married within 3 months of that certificates becomes null and void. Two witnesses each of the couple will be required to sign the marriage certificates.


Marriage Fees

  1. Notice of marriage – GH¢150.00
  2. Registrar Certificate – GH¢100.00
  3. Marriage Certificate – GH¢250.00


For more information and enquiries, kindly contact Mr. Emmanuel Dsane on 0247138247.


Attached is the Notice of Marriage which you can fill or go through before visiting the municipal assembly to continue the process.


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