Service delivery over the years in the Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAS), Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs) has often been criticized of lacking transparency and openness and also characterized by the cumbersome procedures. This, most often than not, lead to lack of trust and confidence in the system and the perception of civil servants being corrupt.

Owing to these, the Local Government Service has therefore embarked on a mission to improve the quality-of-service delivery in Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs), through simplifying processes, clarifying rules and procedures and setting time frames for prompt completion of tasks in order to render MMDAs more transparent to the public.


This service charter has been developed to provide information on how the general public can benefit from services provided by the KEEA Municipal Assembly.


The vision of the Komenda-Edina-Eguafo Abrem (KEEA) Municipal Assembly is to become a model of transparent and participatory local governance institution in Ghana; where the quality local service delivery is the hallmark.


To utilize available resources effectively and efficiently in order to promote a sustainable development by providing a strong leadership based on commitment to fiscal responsibility, quality services, openness, and active grassroots participation to ensure equitable development in all sectors of the municipality within the confines of good governance and security.


  1. Registration of marriages


The Municipal Assembly will;

  1. Registration of Marriages and Divorces

In pursuance of PNDC Law 112 of the customary marriage and divorce of 1985, any applicant will be required to follow the following procedure;

Marriage- application from the couples who might have already been customarily married indicating the names of parents and addressing application referred to the registrar of marriages (MDA) to ascertain the authenticity of the marriage.

Notice – the application is published and posted at various boards for 21days.

Divorce – application from the couple who must have oath of proof sworn in the court or letter from the heads of both families to that effect or two witnesses each from the families.

Time – upon receipt of any of the above, the necessary registration will be affected.


Services Fees (GH)
1. Marriage registration(customary) 150.00per/ser
2. Marriage registration(ordinance) 200.00per/ser
3.Divorce /separation of marriage 500.00per/ser
4. Certified true copy 500.00per/ser
5.special lic (express) ord 50.00per/ser
6. Filing of every notice 150.00per/ser


  1. Issuing of Building Permits


Period – 12 weeks

  1. Financial Assistance to the Needy

Who qualifies?

Students who come from the district and have gained admission into secondary and tertiary institutions.


Applicants must apply to the Assembly with copies of admission letter for sponsorship or assistance. Applications are then referred to the education sub-committee for vetting and recommendation.

Successful applicants are then bonded for a specific number of years in the case of teachers to teachers in the district.



Apply to the Assembly indication what the fund is to be used for. All applications are then sent to the departments of social welfare for a social enquiry to be carried out in each applicant and make recommendations.


A Client Service Unit has been established within the premises of the Municipal Assembly. At the reception desk you find useful information on the notice board and on the desk. Please, contact also the receptionist in case of questions and concerns. The officer will either help you

Or direct you to the responsible action officer.

However, we also expect the citizens to:

The client service unit is also to ensure that complaints about poor services are solved openly and quickly. If there are any concerns on administration or organization of the assembly policies or personnel, please contact the following offices for further enquiries.

The Officer

Client Service Unit

KEEA Municipal Assembly

P.O.Box 29,



The Municipal Chief Executive

KEEA Municipal Assembly

P.O.Box 29,


Website: https://keeama.gov.gh/

Email: info@keeama.gov.gh

Telephone main line: 0332098236

MCD’s office: 0332098234