Speaking at the program the MCE Hon. Solomon Appiah was grateful for the opportunity given to speak on the topic “Math and Science”, because it was essential and important to him as a leader since everything he does in the municipality one way or the other relates to math and science.

Hon Solomon Appiah said several attempts have been enrolled to make Math and Science attractive ever since he took office in the municipal assembly. He emphasized that his office has been in several consultations with the educational directorate in an attempt to enroll several policies like Science and Math quiz from the Primary thus Basic to the Secondary level and other Science and Math related bootcamps which will help equip our children with the necessary knowledge and skills in Math and Science to be able to face the ever changing world that we live in.

Hon Solomon Appiah advise school children to take the study of Science and Math serious because of its impact in our daily lives and to the development of our municipality and nation.

He assured the teachers and students that government is doing everything it can to make the study of Math and Science attractive, so it can aide our developments.